International Symposium "The Music Map of the World"

18 October 2014 - 26 October 2014 |

Tchaikovsky Moscow State Conservatory
Scientific and Art Center “World Music Cultures”
International Symposium
“The Music Map of the World”
18–26 October 2014

Even though an International Symposium “The Music Map of the World” is held for the first time, it leans upon a thirty-year long researching experience of the scientific school “World Music Cultures” developed by the Moscow Conservatory. An obvious multipolarity of today’s world, together with the openness and intensity of informational exchange between different cultures, allow to get a clear idea about the spreading of musical traditions throughout the world and about how various ideas of sound circulate in it, as well as about the historical process of the forming and living of major music cultures of the world that embrace the vast territories of regional civilizations.

Experts from different countries will come to the symposium in order to discuss both the universal principles of approaches to sound all over the world and their unique displays in concrete music cultures. Among the experts, there are world renowned scholars, such as: Alison Tokita (Japan), who now heads the Japanese Traditional Music Center of the University of Arts in Kyoto; Gen’ichi Tsuge (Japan), who stood at the origins of the school of ethnomusicology at the National University of Arts in Tokyo and now is an author of several dozens of works on Japanese, Arab, Iranian and other musical traditions; Ardeshir Salehpour (Iran), a recognized expert in the area of Iranian traditional theater.

There are several papers and concerts on the symposium agenda that are dedicated to the centennial of Ziyodullo Shahidi, celebrated under the aegis of UNESCO. Munira Shahidi (a daughter of the composer), an expert in Oriental and culture studies, together with Bunafsha Odinayeva, a renowned TV journalist and now Deputy Minister of Culture of the Republic of Tajikistan, will tell about the life and oeuvre of the founder of the Tajik school of composition, as well as about the past and the future of Tajik music.

Önder Özkoç and Burak Tüzün (Turkey) will tell about the culture of Sufism, which still plays an important role over the whole Middle East. An authentic Mevlevi ritual Acembûselik Âyîn-i Şerîfi to be presented by musicians from Konya (Turkey), the world center of Sufism, will be performed at the Moscow Conservatory for the first time.

An Iranian tradition of ta’ziyeh—one of the most ancient mysteries, with its astonishingly beautiful and spiritually powerful images of sound,—to be shown at the theater ‘Sphere’, will become an equally breathtaking event. A renowned group from Qazvin (Iran) will present a mejles ‘Horr’, a story from the repertoire of ta’ziyeh.

There are bearers of authentic traditions among the participants of the symposium, such as: Gulfam Sabri (India), a virtuoso of Indian classical singing and tabla playing; Abduvali Abdurashidov (Tajikistan), a virtuoso of sato playing; Mahmud Salah (Azerbaijan), a muğam expert and a unique qaval player; Hosein Nourshargh (Iran), a star of classical avaz singing; Ulmas Rasulov (Uzbekistan), a performer of the rarest maqom tradition active in Farg‘ona and Toshkent; Han Sang Don (Republic of Korea), a virtuoso of namsadang (traditional dance with drums); Natalia Gilyarova (Russia), Art Director of the Moscow Conservatory’s Folklore Ensemble; and others. In addition, some scholars whose professional formation is related with the Moscow Conservatory will participate in the symposium: among them are Ketty Wong (Ecuador), Elena Gorokhovik, (Belarus), Tatiana Kartashova, (Russia, Saratov Conservatory), Chen Chengting, (Taiwan), Sergejs Akash Ancupovs (Latvia), and Anastasia Novoselova (Russia, Moscow Conservatory).

Papers at the symposium will be illustrated by live music, as well as with daytime and evening concerts, whose excellent programs are going to fill the ear and heart of all its participants and listeners with unforgettable impressions for long.


19 October, Sunday
Room 433
(Building 4)

11:00 — Opening of the Symposium. Greetings
Margarita Karatygina
(Russia, Moscow Conservatory)
The world music cultures throughout the oecumene

12:00 — Elena Gorokhovik (Belarus)
The world music map of today: ‘planimetry’, ‘stratigraphy’ and ‘topology’

14:00 — Gulfam Sabri (India)
The science of music in today’s India: from apprenticeship towards music-making
Concert presentation with participation of Sergejs Akash Ancupovs and Lyudmila Zhurkova (Latvia)

16:00 — Ardeshir Salehpour (Iran)
Mejles shabi-khani ‘Horr’ as one of the main plots in the context of the Iranian tradition of ta’ziyeh

20 October, Monday
Room 433
(Building 4)

13:00 — Tatiana Kartashova (Russia, Saratov Conservatory)
Today’s trends in the music culture of Northern India

14:00 — Chen Chengting (Taiwan)
Specificities of the sound of guqin in the context of Chinese musical tradition

15:00 — Anastasia Novoselova (Russia, Moscow Conservatory)
The priceless sound of the wise—guqin in Chinese music

21 October, Tuesday
Conference Hall
(Building 3)

13:00 — Mahmud Salah (Azerbaijan)
The Azerbaijani aruz in the context of the qaval performance

14:00 — Munira Shahidi (Tajikistan)
The oeuvre and worldview of Ziyodullo Shahidi

15:00 — Abduvali Abdurashidov (Tajikistan)
The rebirth and development of the Shashmaqom tradition in Uzbekistan as exemplified by the Shashmaqom Academy

22 October, Wednesday
Room 303
(Building 3)

13:00 — Önder Özkoç (Turkey)
Allegories of the Mevlevi ritual

14:00 — Burak Tüzün (Turkey)
The phenomenon of a musician in the context of the Mevlevi tradition

15:00 — Kalmurza Kurbanov (Uzbekistan)
The instrumental performance traditions in Uzbekistan

23 October, Thursday
Conference Hall
(Building 3)

13:00 — Alison Tokita (Japan)
Modernity and tradition in the music culture of Eastern Asia

14:00 — Gen’ichi Tsuge (Japan)
Westward migration of Mongolian music and musical instruments

15:00 — Ketty Wong (Ecuador)
Salsa dancing with Chinese characteristics: the transnational flow of a Latin-American
identity marker

16:00–17:00 — Round Table
Additional papers. Discussions

24 October, Friday
Room 308
(Building 3)

13:00 — Han Sang Don (South Korea)
The samulnori tradition in Korean music

14:00 — Natalia Gilyarova (Russia, Moscow Conservatory)
On the new methods of Russian folklore studies: issues of the ethnographical mapping

14:30 — Marina Altshuler (Russia, Moscow Conservatory)
Folk beliefs reflected in the calendar rites of the southwest of Kaluga Region (Central Russia)

15:00–17:00 — Round Table
Additional papers. Discussions


18 October, Saturday, 16:00, ‘New Manezh’ (3 Georgiyevsky pereulok)
“The Magic of Music of the Ancient Middle East.” The concert of Azerbaijani muğam
within the frameworks of the Public Program “The Exhibition ‘Jamil 3 Award’
Admission by the exhibition tickets

The Ensemble ‘Ghadim Sharq’ (Ancient Middle East)
directed by Mahmud Salah (Azerbaijan):
Mahmud Salah | qaval
Aghayar Khanlarov | tar
Jahandar Khanlarov | kamança
Gulnar Amiraliyeva | hanende
Könul Amiraliyeva | hanende

19 October, Sunday, 19:00, The Rachmaninoff Hall (11 Bolshaya Nikitskaya ulitsa)
“Az man joda masho” (“Indwell!”)
Iranian Classical Music
Compositions by Pezhman Ekhtiari and Hosein Nourshargh
Verses by Hafez and Hosein Nourshargh

Hosein Nourshargh (avaz) and the Group ‘Feragh’
directed by Pezhman Ekhtiari (Iran):
Pezhman Ekhtiari | santur
Arash Moshtaghi | tar
Nava Soleimani | oud
Soheil Sadeghi | kamancheh
Hossein Khosh Chehreh | ney
Mohammad Jamshidi | tombaq
Nabil Yousof Sharidavi | daf

20 October, Monday, 19:00, the Theater ‘Sphere’
(3 ulitsa Karetny Ryad, building 6, the ‘Hermitage’ Garden)
Mejles Shabi-Khani ‘Horr’
A show of the sacred tradition of ta’ziyeh mystery
Admission by invitation tickets

A ta’ziyeh group from Qazvin (Iran)

21 October, Tuesday, 19:00, The Myaskovsky Hall (13/6 Bolshaya Nikitskaya ulitsa)
‘Iskra’ (‘The Sparkle’). The concert is dedicated to the centennial of Ziyodullo Shahidi
Compositions by Farangis Nurulla-Khoja, Jean-François Laporte, Claude Vivier,
Jean Derome; Improvisations on Ziyodullo Shahidi’s tunes

The Saxophone Quartet Quasar (Canada):
Marie-Chantal Leclair | soprano saxophone
Mathieu Leclair | alto saxophone
André Leroux | tenor saxophone
Jean-Marc Bouchard | baritone saxophone

22 October, Wednesday, 19:00, The Rachmaninoff Hall (11 Bolshaya Nikitskaya ulitsa)
Acembûselik Âyîn-i Şerîfi (sacred ritual on the mağam Acembûselik)
The music of Mevlevi tradition in Turkey
Verses by Mevlânâ Celâleddin Rumi (1207–1273)
Compositions by Nâsır Abdülbâkî Dede-Efendi (1765–1821)

The Tasawwuf Music Ensemble
of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Turkey:

Ömer Fârûk Belviranlı | ses, na’at, kasîde ve kur’ân-i kerîm tilâveti; the Koran narration
Timuçin Çevikoğlu | ses, kudûm, bendir
Cemâl Mutlu Benlioğlu | ses
Tevfîk Soyata | tanbur
Yavuz Akalın | ney
Tevfîk Bilen | ney
Mâhinûr Özüstün | kemençe

23 October, Thursday, 19:00, The Myaskovsky Hall (13/6 Bolshaya Nikitskaya ulitsa)
The tradition of Tajik maqom
The concert is dedicated to the centennial of Ziyodullo Shahidi

The Ensemble of the Maqom Academy of the Republic of Tajikistan
directed by Abduvali Abdurashidov:
Abduvali Abdurashidov | sato; People’s Artist of the Republic of Tajikistan
Ozodakhon Ashurova | voice, doyra; People’s Artist of the Republic of Tajikistan
Khurshed Ibragimov | voice, tanbur
Jamshed Ergashev | voice, tanbur, doyra
Murod Dzhumaev | voice, doyra
Sirojiddin Juraev | dutar

24 October, Friday, 19:30, Conference Hall (11 Bolshaya Nikitskaya ulitsa)
The Maqom Tradition of Farg‘ona and Toshkent
Admission by invitation tickets

Ulmas Rasulov | gijak, tanbur; People’s Artist of the Republic of Uzbekistan
Kakhramon Turaev | doyra

26 October, Sunday, 15:00, Concert Hall of the State Children’s Library of Russia
(1 Kaluzhskaya ploshchad)
“Russian folklore today, or What we know about Russian songs”
Admission is free upon registration

The Folklore Ensemble of the Moscow Conservatory
directed by Natalia Gilyarova

26 October, Sunday, 18:00, Concert Hall of the State Children’s Library of Russia
(1 Kaluzhskaya ploshchad)
“The Rhythms of Autumn”
The concert of Korean music (the samulnori tradition)

The Ensemble ‘Maeg’ of the Korean School Won Kwang
directed by Han Sang Don
Admission is free upon registration

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