The Third Nikolai Rubinstein Competition for Chamber Ensembles

23 September 2017 - 28 September 2017 |

The founder and organizer of the competition is
Tchaikovsky Moscow State Conservatory.


The list of ensembles admitted to participate in the Second Round:

1. Matisse Quartet: Roman Vikulov, Tatiana Polyakova, Nikita Sidorov, Lidia Aristova
2. String Quartet: Alla Vysokogorskaya, Ashot Gasparyan, Ivan Savushkin, Valentina Okuneva
3. Beatrice Quartet: Anastasia Farrakhova, Alexandra Slavgorodskaya, Sofia Ugusheva, Daria Popova
4. Piano Duo: Alina Shernyakova, Ekaterina Berezan
5. Piano Duo: Maria Korobova, Olesya Morozova
6. Piano Duo: Polina Kulikova, Ekaterina Zhemaitis
7. Piano Duo: Sofia & Pavel Bulaenko
8. Zadig Trio: Boris Borgolotto, Marc Girard Garcia, Ian Barber
9. The Moscow Conservatory Piano Trio: Maria Tkacheva, Georgy Tkachev, Lidia Pegova
10. Piano Trio: Marat Avanesyan, Galina Mal'yan, Mariam Abgaryan
11. Piano Trio: Fyodor & Arseny Beznosikov, Vladislav Pautov
12. Piano Trio: Zarema Taymasova, Alexander Spadi, Lyutsiya Kalimullina
13. Piano Quintet: Artyom Len', Andrey Ivanov, Kirill Voinkov, Maxim Nogovitsyn, Maxim Kinasov

The Jury

Well-known musicians, both performers and teachers from all over the world, are invited to the Jury of the Competition. This year the Jury consists of:

  • Tigran Alikhanov (Russia), Chairman
  • Alexander Bonduryansky (Russia)
  • Michaela Girardi (Austria)
  • Bohumił Nowicki (Poland)
  • Augustinas Vasiliauskas (Lithuania)
  • Elena Semishina (Russia)
  • Irina Menkova (Russia)
  • Gaukhar Murzabekova (Kazakhstan)


First Round
(by video-recordings, the duration must not exceed 20 minutes)

One piece for an original ensemble composed before 1830 (no arrangements or transcriptions allowed; expositions should not be repeated)

Second Round
(the duration must not exceed 45 minutes)

Two pieces originally composed for :

  1. A significant work of one of the following composers:
    F. Schubert
    R. Schumann
    F. Chopin
    F. Mendelssohn- Bartholdy
    J. Brahms
    A. Dvořák
    B. Smetana
    H. Wolf
    E. Chausson
    G. Fauré
  2. One piece composed in the twentieth century (including G. Fauré’s works of the 1920s).

Third Round

A significant work of one of the following Russian composers:
M. Glinka
A. Alyabyev
A. Borodin
P. Tchaikovsky
N. Rimsky-Korsakov
S. Taneyev
A. Glazunov
A. Arensky
S. Rachmaninoff
N. Medtner
A. Grechaninov
N. Tcherepnine
A. Rubinstein

Each composition may be performed in one Round only.

It is allowed to perform selected movements of a composition during both First and Second Rounds.

All compositions during the Third Round must be performed entirely.


  1. The competition is open for ensembles in which the oldest member is younger than 32 and an average age of all the participants is less than 30 years before the deadline. The teacher of the ensemble may not participate in any of its performances.
  2. The following types of chamber ensembles are allowed to participate:
    • string and wind instruments with piano (a minimum of three performers);
    • a piano duo (either piano four-hands or two pianos);
    • a string quartet.
  3. No musician is allowed to participate in several ensembles. In this case, the Organizing Committee may decide to remove one of  such ensembles with any cross-participants.
  4. The deadline for submitting the applications is 26 June 2017.
  • the application should include:
    • a carefully filled-out application form (*.doc);
    • scanned documents certifying the participant’s identity and age:
      • citizens of Russia  — please address the Russian version of the Regulations
      • foreign nationals:
        the front page of the passport (photo, birthdate, personal signature)
      • stateless persons:
        any document identifying the person (photo, birthdate, personal signature);
    • the video-recording of the performance for the First Round in the form of a link to a file-sharing site in any of the following formats: *.avi, *.mov, *.wmv, *.mp4. The professional high-resolution DVD-recording must be of HD quality. The link should lead to the same downloadable file, accessible without any passwords or captchas; nor must it contain any p2p-content. The link may be accessible from either YouTube or similar services;
    • a document certifying the level of music education;
    • a document certifying the place of study or work;
    • a brief autobiography mentioning the date and place of birth, the place of work or study, the teachers, the competitions (including the title, the year and the award),. as well as any other relevant information. The text should be prepared as a *.doc or *docx file and should not exceed one A4 page;
    • a letter of recommendation either from the educational institution or from two worldly renowned musicians;
    • one photo of the ensemble for purposes or advertising — on a neutral background, of a portrait type, with a minimum resolution of 300 dpi. The *.jpg, *.png and *.tiff files are accepted;
    • a scanned Individual Insurance Account Number (SNILS) and a scanned Taxpayer’ ID Number (INN) — only for Russian citizens;
    • a scanned receipt of payment of the registration fee;
    • a scanned copy of the Consent for processing the contestant’s personal data (*.doc).

    In case of a failure to comply with these conditions, the Organizing Committee may automatically reject the application.

    All the documents and photos should be e-mailed to

    • All the contestants allowed to the Second Round of the Competition will be officially informed about the required date of their arrival by 1 July 1 2017.
    • Any changes in the program of both Second and Third Rounds must be reported by the contestants not later than on 15 June 2017 and shall be subject to an approval by the Organizing Committee.
    • An entrance fee, non-refundable under any circumstances, shall be either 60 (sixty) US dollars or 55 (fifty five) euros.

      The entrance fee should be forwarded to the respective Moscow State Conservatory’s bank accounts:

    The Conservatory’s US Dollar Account
    Beneficiary Customer: Moscow P. I. Tchaikovsky Conservatory (university)
    INN: 7703107663
    Adres: 13/6 Bolshaya Nikitskaya Ulitsa. Moscow. RU
    IBAN: 40503840438110200266
    Beneficiary Bank: Sberbank. Moscow. RU
    Correspondent Bank: The Bank of New York. USA
    IBAN: 890-0057-610
    Purpose of the Transfer: Participation in the Third Nikolay Rubinstein International Competition

    The Conservatory’s Euro Account
    Correspondent Bank: Deutsche Bank AG, Frankfurt-am-Main
    IBAN: 10094987261000
    Beneficiary Bank: Sberbank of Russia, Moscow
    Beneficiary Customer: Moscow State Conservatoire named after P. I. Tchaikovsky
    Adres: 13/6 Bolshaya Nikitskaya Ulitsa
    TIN: 7703107663
    Account No.: 40503978538111000266
    Purpose of the Transfer: Participation in the Third Nikolay Rubinstein International Competition


    1. The Organizing Committee announces three awards and two diplomas:
      • First Prize – 200 000 RUR
      • Second Prize – 150 000 RUR
      • Third Prize – 100 000 RUR
      • Two diplomas – 50 000 RUR each
    2. Each Ensemble which has been allowed to participate in the Third Round but has not received any awards or diplomas will be granted the diplomas of merits.

      1. All monetary prizes will be paid in Russian rubles, provided that all the taxes applicable on the territory of Russia shall be withheld.
      2. In order to receive the cash value of their prizes, the participants must submit the following documents:
        citizens of Russia — passport, individual insurance account number (SNILS), taxpayer's ID number (INN);
        foreign citizens (including the CIS countries) — passport.
      3. The Jury has the right either to award selective prizes or to divide the amount of any award between several ensembles.
      4. Additional prizes may be awarded after the Organizing Committee’s approval to the participants of both Second and Third Rounds by any governmental, non-governmental or commercial organizations, foundations, artistic unions, mass media and private individuals. Decisions on the granting of any special prizes or awards shall be made by the Jury.