The Second Boris Tevlin International Competition of Choral Conductors

27 March 2018 - 01 April 2018 |

The results of the Competition

The First Prize has not been awarded.

Awardees of the Second Prize:
Hsieh Szuyun (PRC/Taiwan)
Nefyodova Natal’ya (Russia)

Awardees of the Third Prize:
Arlukevich Hanna (Belarus)
Lyovina Natal’ya (Russia)
Smoktiy Yana (Russia)

Awardee of the Special Prize for the Best Performance of Russian Music:
Adilkhan Akbope (Kazakhstan)

Awardees of a Finalist’s Diploma:
Kadykov Kirill (Russia)
Frolov-Bagreev Pyotr (Russia)
Shayakhmetov Niyaz (Kazakhstan)

Awardee of a Diploma for the Best Piano Performance of Rodion Shchedrin’s Piece:
Djarkimbaeva Darina (Kazakhstan)

The best accompanists of the Competition:
Alexandrova Elena (Russia)
Gribovskaya Olga (Russia)
Martynova Olga (Russia)
Sokolova Ekaterina (Russia)

Schedule of the Competition

Updated on 29 March 2018

The Competitors of Round Three:
Adilkhan Akbope
Arlukevich Hanna
Frolov-Bagreev Pyotr
Hsieh Szuyun
Kadykov Kirill
Lyovina Natal’ya
Nefyodova Natal’ya
Smoktiy Yana
Shayakhmetov Niyaz

Updated on 28 March 2018

The Competitors of Round Two:

Adilkhan Akbope
Anokhina Marina
Arlukevich Hanna
Frolov-Bagreev Pyotr
Hsieh Szuyun
Kadykov Kirill
Lyovina Natal’ya
Nefyodova Natal’ya
Shayakhmetov Niyaz
Smoktiy Yana
Stajič Marija
Yansufin Aydar

Registration of the competitors: March 27, Tuesday, 10:30, Conference Hall (the Rachmaninoff Hall building)

The drawing of lots: March 27, Tuesday, 12:00, Conference Hall

Round One
March 27, Tuesday, 14:00–18:00, The Myaskovsky Concert Hall (Building 2)
March 28, Wednesday, 11:00–14:00 & 15:00–18:00, The Myaskovsky Concert Hall

Round Two
March 29, Thursday, 11:00–16:00, The Myaskovsky Concert Hall

Round Three
March 30, Friday, 11:00–14:00, The Rachmaninoff Hall

The Prize-giving Ceremony and Final Concert of the Laureates
April 1, Sunday, 14:00, The Great Hall

The Competitors of Round One:

Adilkhan Akbope
Anokhina Marina
Arlukevich Hanna
Boyarshinova Xenia
Djarkimbaeva Darina
Dubovik Xenia
Frolov-Bagreev Pyotr
Hsieh Szuyun
Ivanov Yevgheny
Kadykov Kirill
Koneva Marina
Kozyreva Maria
Kulniyazova Moldir
Kuznetsov Maxim
Lukin Danil
Lyovina Natal’ya
Mayorov Alexander
Nefyodova Natal’ya
Paranina Dar’ya
Popova Yulia
Sapogova Tat’yana
Shayakhmetov Niyaz
Smoktiy Yana
Sobolev Pavel
Stajič Marija
Sychyova Anastasia
Yansufin Aydar
Zaletayeva Sof’ya
Zhou Zhou

The Organizing Committee reserves the right to introduce certain changes to the Competition schedule.

The Second Boris Tevlin International Competition of Choral Conductors (hereinafter to be referred to as “the Competition”) was established in memory of the Moscow Conservatory Professor Boris Tevlin (1931–2012), who was an outstanding musician of our time, the founder of his own school of the art of contemporary choral conducting, Artistic Director of the Moscow Conservatory Chamber Choir (since 1995) and Chairman of the Division for Contemporary Art of Choral Performance (since 2011).

Having welcomed the Competition, the classic of the national composition school, Honorary President of the Competition Jury R. K. Shchedrin said that “many outstanding achievements in the Russian choral art of the recent decades are directly linked with the name of Boris Tevlin. Leaning on the solid fundament of the great classical music traditions that have always predominated in his work, Boris Tevlin was always looking to the future, which is always new, unknown and risky. He was an inquisitively ‘obsessed’ musician, completely devoted and passionate about his mission. Here is a vivid example for young people! I hope that the Boris Tevlin International Competition of Choral Conductors will help nominate some new choral conductors’ names. Nowadays, our culture is in need of gifted and skilled choral artists.”

General Provisions

1. The founder of the Competition is Tchaikovsky Moscow State Conservatory (hereinafter to be referred to as “the Conservatory”), supported by Russia’s Ministry of Culture.

2. The Competition will be held no more than once per every three years.

3. The Second Competition will be held from the 27th of March till the 1st of April 2018 at the Myaskovsky, Rachmaninoff and Great Halls of the Conservatory.

The Jury

Honorary President of the Jury:
Prof. Rodion Shchedrin (Russia), a composer, Honored Professor of the Moscow Conservatory, People’s Artist of the USSR, a laureate of the state awards of the USSR and the Russian Federation

Deputy Chairman of the Jury:
Prof. Lev Kontorovich (Russia), Acting Chairman of the Division for the Art of Choral Performance of Tchaikovsky Moscow State Conservatory, Artistic Director and Chief Conductor of the Large Academic Choir The Virtuosos of Choral Singing, People’s Artist of Russia, Honored Artist of Russia

The Jury Members:
Andrea Angelini (Italy), a choral conductor, President of the Association of Choirs of the Emilia Romagna Region (AERCO);
Jean-Pierre van Avermaet (Belgium), Secretary General of the European Federation for Choirs of the Union;
Assc. Prof. Inessa Bodyako (Belarus), Chairwoman of the Choral Conducting Department of, and Artistic Director of the Student Choir of, the Academy of Music of the Republic of Belarus;
Prof. Vytautas Miškinis (Lithuania), a composer, President of the Lithuanian Choral Union, the Academy of Music of Lithuania;
Prof. Theodora Pavlovitch (Bulgaria), Vice-President of the International Federation of Choral Music (IFCM), the Pancho Vladigerov National Academy of Music in Sofia;
Assc. Prof. Alexey Petrov (Russia), Ph.D. in History of Arts, Rector of, and Artistic Director of the Student Choir of, the V. S. Popov Academy of the Art of Choral Performance;
Prof. Alexander Solovyev (Russia), Dean of the Office for Foreign Students’ Affairs of Tchaikovsky Moscow State Conservatory, Artistic Director of the Conservatory’s Chamber Choir, a laureate of the Moscow Government Award.

The Order of Submitting the Applications

1. Only those persons who turn 18 full years but do not turn 36 full years by 27 March 2018 may participate in the Competition.

2. A maximum of 28 candidates will be admitted to participate in the First Round, provided that their documents are approved (in terms of their education, letters of recommendation and working experience as choral coaches, as well as considering the level of difficulty of the pieces selected from the Competition program).

3. The applications for participation in the Competition will be accepted until 25 December 2017.

4. Scanned photocopies of the following documents shall be added to the Application (please download, fill out and forward back):
4.1. for all competitors, regardless of their citizenship:

  • front page of their passport (or any other ID for stateless persons) with the owner’s photo, personal data and signature;
  • any certificate of music education;
  • an autobiography that should contain: date and place of birth, place of study, time period of study at the time of the Competition (in case the participant is a student), the teacher’s full name, information about participation in any other competitions (including the year, country, city and award), as well as any other information that the participant would consider to report;
  • one colored artistic photograph in the *.JPG file format with a minimum resolution of 300 dpi;
  • a receipt of the payment of the admission fee;
  • the competitor’s written consent for processing his/her personal data (in a free form with personal signature);

4.2. only for competitors who are citizens of Russia—in addition:

  • the passport page with the stamp of permanent or temporary residence registration;
  • the taxpayer’s identification number;
  • the personal insurance number of Russia’s Pension Fund.

5. All documents and photographs must be forwarded to:

6. The admission fee of the Competition shall be (optionally):

  • 3000 (three thousand) Russian rubles;
  • 80 (eighty) US dollars;
  • 80 (eighty) euros.

The admission fee must be transferred to the respective bank account of the Conservatory.

7. In case the candidate waives to participate in the Competition, his/her admission fee will not be returned.

Bank account information

The Conservatory’s US Dollar Account
Beneficiary Customer: Moscow P. I. Tchaikovsky Conservatory
INN: 7703107663
Adres: 13/6 Bolshaya Nikitskaya Ulitsa. Moscow. RU
IBAN: 40503840438110200266
Beneficiary Bank: Sberbank. Moscow. RU
Correspondent Bank: The Bank of New York. USA
IBAN: 890-0057-610
Purpose of the Transfer: Participation in the 2nd Boris Tevlin International Competition of Choral Conductors

The Conservatory’s Euro Account
Correspondent Bank: Deutsche Bank AG, Frankfurt-am-Main
IBAN: 10094987261000
Beneficiary Bank: Sberbank of Russia, Moscow
Beneficiary Customer: Moscow State Conservatoire named after P. I. Tchaikovsky
Adres: 13/6 Bolshaya Nikitskaya Ulitsa
TIN: 7703107663
Account No.: 40503978538111000266
Purpose of the Transfer: Participation in the 2nd Boris Tevlin International Competition of Choral Conductors

The Order of Holding the Competition

1. Auditions for the Competition will be held publicly at the Conservatory’s Myaskovsky and Rachmaninoff Concert Halls and will consist of three rounds. The First and Second Rounds will be held with a piano accompaniment, the Third Round will be a rehearsal with the Conservatory’s Chamber Choir. The final concert of the laureates will be held at the Conservatory’s Great Hall.

2. The order of the competitors’ performances shall be determined by the Draw prior to the First Round and shall remain unchanged until the end of the Competition. All competitors must be present at both the Draw and the Informational Meeting on 27 March 2018.

3. According to the jury’s decision, any competitor’s performance may be either cut or stopped.

4. A maximum of 28 participants will be admitted to the First Round.

5. A maximum of 16 participants will be admitted to the Second Round.

6. A maximum of 8 participants will be admitted to the Third Round.

7. Upon completion of the Second Round, the jury shall announce the best accompanist.

8. The results of each round of the Competition will be announced publicly.

Prizes and Awards

1. The Organizing Committee shall announce the following prizes and awards:

  • the First Prize of 150,000 rubles and the title of a laureate of the Competition;
  • the Second Prize of 100,000 rubles and the title of a laureate of the Competition;
  • the Third Prize of 75,000 rubles and the title of a laureate of the Competition;
  • Special Award for the best performance of Russian music — 30,000 rubles;
  • Special Award for the best performance of Western-European music — 30,000 rubles.

2. Competitors of the Second Round who will not be admitted to the Third Round shall be awarded with certificates of merit. Competitors of the Third Round who will not become the laureates shall be awarded with certificates of finalists.

3. The best two accompanists shall be awarded with diplomas and a prize of 25,000 rubles each.

4. All prizes shall be paid in Russian rubles and subject to taxation in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation. In order to receive the prize, the laureate must submit his/her passport or any other suitable ID. If the laureate is a citizen of the Russian Federation, he/she must additionally submit his/her taxpayer’s ID number and personal insurance number of Russia’s State Pension Fund.

5. Prior to the beginning of the Competition and upon an agreement with the Organizing Committee, any state, public or commercial organizations, as well as any foundations, artistic unions, mass media and private persons, may establish any additional prizes, awards and gifts for the competitors of the Second and Third Rounds.

6. The jury may either award not all the prizes or award one prize to several competitors.

7. The jury’s decisions shall be irrevocable and may not be subject to any argument or complaint.

Financial Terms

1. The competitors’ and their accompanists’ transportation, accommodation and any other kinds of expenses directly or indirectly related with the participation shall be paid either by themselves or by their sponsoring organizations.

2. The Organizing Committee shall render both visa support and the making of official invitations to all foreign competitors.

3. As soon as the foreign competitor receives an official notification from the Organizing Committee, he/she must apply for a visa at a Consulate of Russia. All expenses for getting the visas according to the requirements of the Consulates of Russia shall be paid either by the competitors themselves or by their sponsoring organizations.

Special Terms

1. The competitors shall receive no fee either for their performances or for any further use of the recordings and broadcasts of their performances.

2. The Conservatory shall have exclusive rights for broadcasting and selling audio and video recordings of both the Competition rounds and the final concert of the laureates.

3. The laureates of the Competition must perform at its final concert free of charge.

4. Rehearsal rooms in the Conservatory buildings shall be available for all competitors in the determined order.

5. The Organizing Committee shall, if necessary, provide the competitors with accompanists for one training rehearsal and one acoustic rehearsal prior to every round, as well as for their performances at the First and Second Rounds.

6. The Organizing Committee shall render assistance to the competitors in getting the scores of the pieces announced on the obligatory program of the Competition.

7. An application signed by a person who wants to participate in the Competition shall witness his/her consent with all the terms listed above.

8. Should any arguments raise with regard to an interpretation of these Regulations, the Russian text published on the Conservatory’s website shall have a priority.

The Program

First Round

1.    Conducting an a cappella piece by heart

One of the following pieces (optional):

  • Sergei Rachmaninoff. From the Vespers: Part Nine (“Blagosloven yesi, Gospodi…”)
  • Sergei Taneyev. Prometheus from the Twelve Choruses on verses by Yakov Polonsky, op. 27
  • Krzysztof Penderecki. Cherubic Hymn
  • Arnold Schönberg. Friede auf Erden
  • Yefrem Podgayts. Prophetic Sadness (“Veshchaya pechal'”), verses by Osip Mandelshtam
  • Rodion Shchedrin. The Sealed Angel (“Zapechatlyonnyi angel”), Parts 8 & 9

2.    Piano performance of a choral score by heart

One of the following pieces (optional by lot):

  • Rodion Shchedrin. A Refugee (“Bezhenka”) from the Diptych on verses by Andrey Voznesensky
  • Benjamin Britten. The Evening Primrose from The Five Flower Songs, op. 47
  • Ernst Křenek. Summer from The Seasons

Second Round
Conducting a fragment from a large vocal-symphonic piece

One of the following pieces (optional):

  • Johannes Brahms. From Ein deutsches Requiem: Part 6
  • Giuseppe Verdi. From Requiem: Part Seven (Libera me) (Download PDF)
  • Francis Poulenc. From Gloria: Parts 1–4
  • Sergey Prokoviev. From The Gambler: Scene 2 from the IV Act
  • Igor Stravinsky. From The Symphony of Psalms: Parts 2 & 3
  • Alfred Schnittke. From Requiem: Parts 10–13

Third Round
Rehearsing with the Conservatory’s Chamber Choir

One of the following pieces (optional by lot):

  • Vladislav Agafonnikov. Vocalise (in memory of the brother)
  • Kuz'ma Bodrov. Capriccio
  • Yury Yevgrafov. On Love and Heaven (“O lyubvi i nebe”) on verses by Semyon Rosin
  • Sergei Yekimov. Pater noster
  • Valery Kikta. Dreams of Andrei Rublyov (“Gryozy Andreya Rublyova”), a choral fragment from the ballet Andrei Rublyov
  • Morten Lauridsen. O Nata Lux
  • Arvo Pärt. Nunc Dimittis
  • Igor Stravinsky. Three Choruses on Church Slavonic Texts
  • Rodion Shchedrin. Serenade
  • Slängpolska efter Byss Kalle, a folksong arranged by G. Gardener
  • Oh, You, Night… (“Akh ty, nochen'ka…”), a Russian folksong arranged by A. Levin