The Fifth Nikolai Myaskovsky Competition of Young Composers

21 May 2018 - 24 May 2018 |

The Results of the Fifth Nikolay Myaskovsky International Competition of Young Composers

First Prize:
Бесстрашный луноход | Portale | Anastasia Vabishchevich (Russia)

Second Prize:
123435 | Ballade | Li Hao (China)

Third Prizes:

  • 599123 | In Search of the Lost…| Maria Anikeyeva (Russia)
  • tskzds | The Ice Mirage | Elizaveta Zgirskaya (Russia)

The Vissarion Shebalin Special Prize from the Publishing House Chant du Monde:
6132 | Fantasia on a Belorussian Theme | Igor Komar (Belarus)


  • LvB | Three Frescoes | Vitaly Shishpanov (Russia)
  • Гровдэр | Sonata | Vladislav Grigoryev (Russia)
  • lieivbinaafbbaan | Strange Dances | Igor Yakovenko (Russia)
  • 6132 | Fantasia on a Belorussian Theme | Igor Komar (Belarus)

23 May, 12:00–17:00
The Nikolay Myaskovsky Concert Hall
Round Two

Password Piece
 2  132435  Ballade
 3  6132  Fantasia on a Belarusian Theme
 4  MCMI1901  Show Me What You Are Not!
 5  May sunshine  Folk Songs…
 6  Pocinor  Waltz
 7  0202  Sonata romantique
 8  navuhodonosor  Sonatina
 9  Limon  Quod non est…
 10  Бесстрашный луноход  Portale
 11  LvB  Three Frescoes
 12  Гровдэр  Sonata
 13  599123  Searching the Lost…
 14  Signir  A Set-up at the Market
 15  tskzds  The Ice Mirage
16  Cantus Hordis  Variations in G major for piano
 17  Орион  The Light
 18  Дельфин  From the Depth of My Troubles
 19  lieivbinaafbbaan  Strange Dances
 20  hhgreen  Figurations
 21  w345  Sonata
 22  Красота спасёт мир  A Two-part Suite
 1  Мэриэл  Suite in an Ancient Style

24 May, 18:00

The Nikolay Myaskovsky Concert Hall
Round Three
Awarding of the Laureates
Closing of the Competition

The List of Competitiors Admitted to Participate in the Second Round:

1 0202 Sonata Romantica
2 132435 Ballade
3 599123 In Search of Lost...
4 6132 Fantasia on a Belorussian Theme
5 hhgreen Figurations
6 Limon Quod non est paululum dicere...
7 LvB Three Frescoes
8 May sunshine Folk Songs in the Misty Montains
9 MCMI1901 Show Me What You Are Not!—
10 navuhodonosor Sonatina
11 lieivbinaafbbaan Strange Dances
12 Pocinor Waltz
13 SIGNIR A Set-up at the Market
14 tskzds An Icy Mirage
15 w345 Piano Sonata
16 Бесстрашный луноход Portale
17 Гровдэр Sonata
18 Дельфин From the Depth of My Troubles, five piano pieces
19 Красота спасёт мир A Two-part Suite
20 Мэриэл Suite in an Ancient Style
21 Орион The Light
22 СantusHordis Variations in G major for piano


Annex of the Year 2018 to Regulations on Tchaikovsky Moscow State Conservatory’s International Nikolai Myaskovsky Competition for Young Composers

A.1. General Provisions

A.1.1. The full official name of the competition is Tchaikovsky Moscow State Conservatory’s Fifth International Nikolai Myaskovsky Competition for Young Composers (hereinafter to be referred to as “the 5th Competition”).

A.1.3. The dates of holding the 5th Competition are 21–24 May 2018 inclusive.

A.2. Prizes of the 5th Competition

A.2.1. The Organizing Committee has established the following prizes:

  • A.2.1.1. First Prize — 60,000 (sixty thousand) rubles;
  • A.2.1.2. Second Prize — 40,000 (forty thousand) rubles;
  • A.2.1.3. Third Prize — 20,000 (twenty thousand) rubles;
  • A.2.1.4. The Vissarion Shebalin Special Prize from Le Chant du Monde — 30,000 (thirty thousand) rubles.

A.3. Jury Teams of the 5th Competition

A.3.1.1. The Jury Team of Round One:

  • Kuzma Bodrov (Russia);
  • Alexander Chaykovsky (Russia);
  • Alexander Koblyakov (Russia);
  • Yuri Vorontsov (Russia).

A.3.1.2. The Jury Team of Rounds Two and Three:

  • Alexander Chaykovsky (Russia), chairman;
  • Patrick De Clerck (Belgium);
  • Alexander Koblyakov (Russia);
  • Viktor Vojtik (Belarus);
  • Kuzma Bodrov (Russia), executive secretary.

A.4. Procedure for Holding the 5th Competition

A.4.3. The 5th Competition consists of three rounds. Round One is eliminating: see clause 5.2 in the text of the Regulations. All public events of the 5th Competition will take place at the Nikolai Myaskovsky Concert Hall of Tchaikovsky Moscow State Conservatory.

A.5. Submission of the Application and the Score

A.5.1. In order to participate in the 5th Competition, every applicant must forward scans of the following documents to the Organizing Committee’s official e-mail address:

  • A.5.1.1. filled-out application with his/her personal signature (download *.doc);
  • A.5.1.2. filled-out, signed and scanned consent for the processing of his/her personal data (download *.doc).

See the list of other documents in the text of the Regulations.

A.5.2.1. Each applicant must submit to the 5th Competition one piece in a free form composed by him/her personally for solo piano, duration is 7 minutes minimum and 15 minutes maximum. No pieces for prepared piano are allowed.

A.5.4.1. The deadline for submitting the online application, the documents (except for a receipt of the payment of the registration fee) and the score in order to participate in Round One of the 5th Competition is 25 March 2018.
A.5.4.2. The time period for submitting the receipt of the payment of the registration fee is 16 April 2018 the earliest and 20 May 2018 the latest (see clause A.6.2).

A.6. Financial Terms

A.6.2. An amount of the registration fee for participation in the 5th Competition is, optionally:

  • (1) 3000 (three thousand) Russian rubles;
  • (2) 50 (fifty) US dollars;
  • (3) 45 (forty-five) euros.