The Fifth International Congress of the SMT: “Genre, Style and Idiom as the Kinds of Music Theory Commonness”

02 April 2024 - 04 April 2024 |

The Fifth International Congress of the Society for Music Theory: Genre, Style and Idiom as the Kinds of Music Theory Commonness through the Movement of History

Modest Mussorgsky Urals State Conservatory
City of Yekaterinburg

The organizers of the Congress:

  • Society for Music Theory
  • Mussorgsky Urals State Conservatory
  • Tchaikovsky Moscow State Conservatory

The declared topic invites to consider the named phenomena (together with their corresponding concepts and terms) related with the classifications that have been developed in musical scholarship on the basis of versatile kinship. According to such a viewpoint, the row of such notions as genre, style and idiom may be continued with school, trend, etc. To identify and clarify the features of their commonness is one of the proposed tasks.

The speeches may deal with any kinds of commonness (such as genre, style and idiom), as well as with their mutual relations, historical changes in their comprehension, and their use in contemporary music.

The following trends of topics are possible:

  1. The issue of an invariant as the feature of commonness;
  2. The phenomenon of a genre in various historical and cultural contexts;
  3. The issue of genre and style today;
  4. Style as both musical reality and a concept;
  5. The issue of the brand-new music idiom;
  6. Musical idiom and style;
  7. Can music be a language? Languages of music.

Applications will be accepted until 20 February 2024 at

Please indicate in the application:

  • your full name;
  • the topic of your speech;
  • an abstract (150–200 words);
  • place of your study/work;
  • your job position, scholarly degree and academic title (if any);
  • your contact information: telephone number & e-mail address.

The organizational fee to be charged for participation in the Congress is 1500 rubles (an approximate equivalent of 130 yuans, 19 US dollars or 17 euros).

Members of the Society for Music Theory, as well as undergraduate and graduate students of specialized music educational institutions, are exempt from the payment.