The Fourth International Competition of Performers on Winds & Percussion Instruments

1 ноября 2012 г. - 8 ноября 2012 г. | Сompetitions

1st — 8th November 2012

Nominations: “Flute”, “Tuba”

The winners of "Flute" category:

  • I Prize - Sarah Ouakrat (France)
  • II Prize - Yulianna Padalko, Sergey Zhuravel (Russia)
  • III Prize - not awarded
  • Diploma - Anna Kondrashina (Russia)

The winners of "Tuba" category:

  • I Prize - Michael Johann Schwarzfischer (Germany)
  • II Prize - Sergey Barmin (Russia)
  • III Prize - Yokota Kazuhiro (Japan)
  • Diploma - Nikita Butenko (Russia)
  • Diploma of the finalist - Alexey Dolganov (Ukraine)

Participants allowed to the competition

Participants «Flute»

  1. Ksenia Arsenova (Russia)
  2. Asakawa Nei (Japan)
  3. Almaz Bagabiev (Russia)
  4. Ekaterina Belyalova (Russia)
  5. Joidy Scarlet Blanco Lewis (Venesuela)
  6. Elena Blinova (Russia)
  7. Vincent Bourgain (France)
  8. Anastasia Chulkova (Russia)
  9. Maria Сhybowska (Poland)
  10. Yulia Efimenkova (Russia)
  11. Sophie Catherine Marie Gourlet (France)
  12. Alexander Klimov (Kazakhstan)
  13. Anna Kondrashina (Russia)
  14. Elena Koren (Russia)
  15. Ekaterina Kornishina (Russia)
  16. Dmytro Kuzmin (Ukraine)
  17. Roza Lebedeva (Kazakhstan)
  18. Alexander Marinesku (Russia)
  19. Varvara Mistyukova (Russia)
  20. Aleksey Morozov (Russia)
  21. Natalia Osipova (Russia)
  22. Sarah Ouakrat (France)
  23. Yuliana Padalko (Russia)
  24. Julia Palac (Poland)
  25. Valentin Puzankov (Russia)
  26. Almira Rgibaeva (Kazakhstan)
  27. Laura Sandrin (Belgium / Italy)
  28. Andrey Sannikov (Russia)
  29. Carla Chantal Velasco Morales (Spain)
  30. Sergey Zhuravel (Russia)
  31. Nikita Vekshin (Russia)

Participants «Tuba»

  1. Sergey Barmin (Russia)
  2. Nikita Butenko (Russia)
  3. Ilya Davshan (Russia)
  4. Aleksey Dolganov (Ukraine)
  5. Gregory Dyachenko (Russia)
  6. Denis Kapustin (Russia)
  7. Pavel Karetin (Russia)
  8. Evgeny Kudryavtsev (Russia)
  9. Nakata Tomohiro (Japan)
  10. Vilnur Samigullin (Russia)
  11. Kirill Sukhorukov (Russia)
  12. Evgeny Tarasov (Russia)
  13. Michael Johann Schwarzfischer (Germany)
  14. Yokota Kazuhiro (Japan)
  15. Alexander Zvonov (Russia)

Terms and conditions

"Moscow State Conservatory P. I. Tchaikovsky announces the Fourth International Competition of Moscow Conservatory for Winds and Percussion that will be held on 1st — 8th November 2012 for nominations “Flute” and “Tuba”."

The Competition is to be held once a year for two out of ten disciplines — nine wind ones and one percussion. So, each discipline takes part in the Competition once in five years:

  • 2012 / flute, tuba
  • 2013 / percussion, wind quintet
  • 2014 / bassoon, tenor trombone
  • 2015 / oboe, French horn
  • 2016 / clarinet, trumpet

Aims of the Competition

  1. To raise prestige of the winds and percussion instruments; to make playing wind instruments more attractive to the wide audience
  2. To encourage young people to play wind and percussion instruments
  3. To pay more attention to professional training of musicians who perform on winds and percussion
  4. To search for the most talented young musicians, to support and stimulate their professional skill
  5. To provide the conditions for artistic cultural exchange, to enhance the artistic development and to improve the professional skills of the participants of the Competition


The most competent musicians — performers and pedagogues from all over the world are invited to the jury of the Competition.


  • Chairman – Valery Kikta (Russian Federation)
  • Alexander Golyshev (Russian Federation)
  • William Bennett (Great Britain)
  • Philippe Bernold (France)
  • Felix Renggli (Switzerland)


  • Chairman – Vladislav Agafonnikov (Russian Federation)
  • Yury Larin (Russian Federation)
  • Lois Alexander (USA)
  • Josef Steinboeck (Austria)
  • Walter Hilgers (Germany)

The procedure

  1. The auditions are held publicly, consist of three rounds and take place at the Small, Rachmaninov Halls of the Moscow Conservatory.
  2. The order of the participants’ performances defined by draw of lots is valid through all the competition.
  3. Each contestant will have a rehearsal before the each Round.
  4. If the contestant needs an accompanist from the Moscow Conservatory he should indicate that at the Application form. They are given by the Organizing Committee free of charge.
  5. The order within the program is on contestants choice.
  6. Not more than 50% of the participants of the first round will be allowed to the second round. Not more than 5 (five) participants will be allowed to the final round.
  7. After the second round the Jury decides on the award for the best accompanist of the Competition – one for each category.
  8. The participants of the Final Round are supplied with the rehearsal with symphony/chamber orchestra
  9. The results will be announced immediately after each round. 


  1. The Organizing Committee of the Competition announces the following prizes for each discipline:
    First prize — 150 000 rubles and the title of the Laureate of the Competition
    Second prize — 100 000 rubles and the title of the Laureate of the Competition
    Third prize — 50 000 rubles and the title of the Laureate of the Competition
  2. All monetary prizes will be paid in Russian rubles withholding the taxes applicable on the territory of the Russian Federation.
  3. Additional prizes may be awarded with the approval of the Organizing Committee to the participants of the second and third rounds by governmental, non-governmental or commercial organizations, foundations, artistic unions, mass media and private individuals.
  4. The Jury has the right:
    - not to award all the prizes;
    - to share the awards among the participants of the third round apart from the first prize;
    - to award the participants with two second prizes or two third prizes in case of the absence of the first or the second prize respectively.
  5. The decisions of the Jury are final and cannot be contested.

Special conditions

  1. The participants of the Competition do not receive any fee for their performance at the Competition or for any later utilization of the recordings and broadcasts of these performances.
  2. The Organizing Committee of the Competition keeps the exclusive rights on the distribution of audio and video records and broadcasts of the Competition’s auditions and the final concert of the Competition’s laureates.
  3. The Laureates of the Competition are to perform free of charge at the final concert of the Competition.
  4. The participants of the Competition can use gratis and in established order the practice auditoriums of the Moscow Conservatory.
  5. The Organizing Committee of the Competition provides free accompanists for one rehearsal and two performances in the I and II rounds.
  6. The Organizing Committee of the Competition helps the participants in obtaining the printed music of the compositions which are indicated in the mandatory program of the Competition.
  7. The application form signed by a person who wishes to take part in the Competition is regarded as an evidence that he/she accepts all the above-listed terms and conditions.
  8. In case of any arguments concerning the interpretation of present terms and conditions of the Competition, the Russian version of the text is to be considered the only correct one.


  • the applicants must be not younger than 16 and not older than 32 years of age (on the day of the beginning of the Competition — 1 November 2012)
  • not more than 40 contestants from all over the world and not more than 20 contestants representing Russia will be accepted for participation in each nomination, in order of submission of fully completed application form.
  • the winners of any international or national competitions are not exempted from participation in the First Round
  • all the application forms should be sent till the 31st August 2012
  • application fee is 3000 (three thousand) rubles of RF, or 100 (hundred) US Dollars, or 80 (eighty) Euros.

The bank account details for the money transfer:

Correspondent bank of Sber bank of SWIFT:

The Bank of New York USA IRVT US 3N 890-0057-610
SWIFT: Sber Bank of the Russian Federation. Donskoe branch 7813 Moscow Russia SABR RU MM
Branch address - ul Bolshaya Yakimanka 18
Beneficiary Customer: Moscow State P.I. Tchaikovsky Conservatory 125009 Moscow Bolshaya Nikitskaya 13 Russia
INN 7703107663

(Purpose of the payment: Fourth International Competition of Moscow Conservatory for Winds and Percussion)

For payment in USD: ACCOUNT 40503840438110200266
For payment in EURO: ACCOUNT 40503978538111000266

The filled out application form must be supplemented with the following documents:

  • a copy of two front pages of passport or other document of identification
  • document or diploma proving contestant's musical education level (copy)
  • curriculum vitae (date and place of birth, eduсational institution (actual or graduated), year of studies, name of the teacher, previous competitions (year, country, city and award), any other information meant to be important
  • one digital photo – not less than 2Mb by size (300 dpi) of portrait-type made in an artistic way
  • a receipt of the paid entrance fee
  • a Permission for processing of personal data (a scanned document in a free mode with personal signature surely)

Download Application form.doc
Download Application form.pdf

  • all the documents and photos should be sent by e-mail:
  • no changes to the program indicated in the form are allowed.
  • all the materials sent within the application are non-refundable.


If necessary, the Organizing Committee will provide support for the applicants in searching for music scores (piano and the parties) upon request by e-mail to

In a short time some scores will be published below (as links for downloading PDF-files).

  • Flute


  1. E. Bozza – Image
  2. S. Prokofiev – Sonata for flute and piano (movements I, II or III, IV)
    Must be performed from memory


  1. One piece for choice from following list:
    • V. Tsybin – Allegro concertanto № 1 (Download PDF)
    • or V. Tsybin – Allegro concertanto № 2 (Download PDF)
    • or V. Tsybin – Allegro concertanto № 3 (Solo part, Piano part)
    • or A. Jolivet – Chant de Linos
    • or L. Liberman – Sonata for flute and piano

      All the pieces must be performed from memory

  2. Mandatory piece. A. Romashkova – Cadenza (Download PDF).
    Attention! The file has been modified at 21 September 2012

    Allowed to be performed by music score
  3. One piece for choice composed before 1830 and not longer than 12 minutes. Performance of separate parts is allowed. Allowed to be performed by music score


  1. W. A. Mozart – Concerto №1 G-dur for flute and orchestra. Must be performed from memory
  2. M. Weinberg – Concerto for flute and string orchestra. Allowed to be performed by music score
  • Tuba


  1. A. Capuzzi – Andante and Rondo (Download piano score PDF, Download part PDF)
  2. V. Blazhevich – Concerto № 7 for tuba and piano (Download PDF, piano score)
    All the pieces must be performed from memory


  1. N. Rakov – Poem-fantasie (Download PDF, piano score)
  2. Mandatory piece. Zh. Dzheksembekova – Toccata (Download PDF)
  3. One piece for choice from following list:


  1. R. Vaughan-Williams – Concerto for tuba and orchestra. Allowed to be performed by music score
  2. A. Lebedev – Concerto № 2 for tuba and orchestra (Download PDF, piano score and part). Must be performed from memory

New links for dowloading updated scores of Blazhevich Tuba Concerto and Rakov Poem are available. (2012/04/04)