3rd Competition of Vocal-Piano Duos ‘Pianovoce’

26 июня 2016 г. - 30 июня 2016 г. | Events

The III International competition
for voice and piano duos «Pianovoce»

June 26 - 30, 2016 

The competition founder: Moscow State P.I. Tchaikovsky Conservatory 


The Jury to be announced. 


  • the competition is open to contestants born before June 1st, 1998 and after June 1st, 1980 (for vocalists)/ after June 1st, 1984 (for pianists), however the overall age of the duo participants should not exceed 65 years.
  • the deadline for submission of the applications is April 20, 2016
  • the application should include:
    • a carefully filled out application form (in .doc file format)
    • scanned documents certifying the participant’s identity and age:
      • Russian nationals – please consult the Russian version of the regulations
      • foreign nationals:
        1) a scan of the passport (the pages with photograph, birth date and personal signature required)
        2) a scan of the ID-card
      • stateless persons:
        a scan of the certificate of identity,  or alien’s passport, or any other applicable ID documents (the pages with photograph, birth date and personal signature required)
    • video recording of the preliminary round program
      - as a link to file share services
      - in one of the formats: avi, mov, wmv or mp4 of professional DVD-quality and
      - the link must lead to one file, available for downloading, with no password and CAPTCHA
      - the link must not contain p2p content
      - the link must not be public or from YouTube and similar services 
    • a scanned document confirming contestant's music education level (diploma of completed studies) 
      • a scanned certificate from the employer (for employed) or from the educational institution (for students) confirming the current employment/studies
      • a curriculum vitae:
        • in .doc or .docx file format
        • limited by one page A4
        • including information about date and place of birth, educational institution (current and/or graduated), years of studies, teachers, previous competitions (year, place and award), any other important information
      • a scanned recommendation from the educational institution (high school, college etc.) or from two renowned musicians
      • one common photo of the duo members (for promotional issues):
        • neutral background
        • portrait type
        • resolution exceeding 300 dpi
        • file size exceeding 2Mb
        • JPG, PNG and TIFF file formats accepted
        • failure to comply with these conditions may involve an automatic rejection of the application by the Organizing Committee
      • a scanned receipt of payment of the entrance fee
      • a scan of the signed permission granted to the Organizing committee for personal data processing
  • all the documents and photos should be sent by e-mail to artmosconsv@gmail.com
  • not later than April 30, 2016 all the contestants allowed to the II Round of the Competition will be officially informed about the admission to the Competition and the required date of arrival
  • no changes allowed to the program indicated in the application form
  • entrance fee, non-refundable under any circumstances, is
    • 3000 (three thousand) Russian rubles
      • payable by Russian nationals and residents from Russian territory
    • 50 (fifty) US dollars or 45 (forty five) Euros
      • payable by Russian nationals and residents from abroad
      • payable by foreign nationals

 The entrance fee should be paid to the Moscow State Conservatory bank account. 

Bank Account Information

The Conservatory’s US Dollar Account

Correspondent Bank: The Bank of New York, USA
IBAN: 890-0057-610
Beneficiary Bank: Sberbank of Russia, Moscow
Beneficiary Customer: Moscow State Conservatoire named after P. I. Tchaikovsky
Address: 13/6 Bolshaya Nikitskaya Ulitsa
TIN: 7703107663
Account No.: 40503840438110200266

The Conservatory’s Euro Account

Correspondent Bank: Deutsche Bank AG, Frankfurt-am-Main
IBAN: 10094987261000
Beneficiary Bank: Sberbank of Russia, Moscow
Beneficiary Customer: Moscow State Conservatoire named after P. I. Tchaikovsky
Address: 13/6 Bolshaya Nikitskaya Ulitsa
TIN: 7703107663
Account No.: 40503978538111000266


The chamber music for voice and piano is the only one acceptable at the First and the Second rounds.

I round (Preliminary — by DVD) — 10 minutes

  1. One Lied of one of the following composers: F. Schubert, R. Schuman, J. Brahms, H. Wolf, R. Strauss (at the participants choice);
  2. One Song of one of the following composers: M. Glinka, A. Dargomyzhsky, A. Borodin, A. Rubinstein, M. Balakirev, C. Cui, M. Moussorgsky, A. Arensky, S. Taneyev, N. Rimsky-Korsakov, P. Tchaikovsky, S. Rachmaninov.

II round — up to 30 minutes

A free program, which must include one or more compositions of:

  1. Russian composers of XIXth and early XXth centuries;
  2. European composers of  XIXth century;
  3. Russian composers of XX-XXI centuries*;
  4. European composers of XX-XXI centuries*

* Published compositions only are allowed for performance.

For each of 4 compulsory issues the participants can include in the program compositions of either one or more composers. Performance of compositions of other composers is allowed only if the time limits of the program fit the requirements. Arias are not allowed in the I and II Rounds programs.

III round — up to 30 minutes

  1. A song cycle or several compositions combined in one opus.
  2. Major operatic aria;

The procedure

  • The participants should arrive to Moscow according to the dates indicated in the official notification issued by the Organizing committee.
  • The Competition includes three rounds – Preliminary (in absentia), the II and III Rounds (live).
  • The preliminary round implies the examination of the participants' video recordings by the Preliminary round Jury. Not more than 30 duos will be selected for the II Round.
  • The II and III Rounds are held in Small Hall of the Moscow Conservatory as a public concert.
  • Not more than 7 duos will be selected for the III Round
  • The participant’s performances order to be defined by drawing of lots and to remain unchanged through all the competition.
  • The contestants must attend at the drawing of lots and the information briefing on June 26, 2016.
  • The order of the pieces within the program is at the contestant choice.
  • The Organizing Committee of the Competition provides all the contestants with practice rooms and rehearsals on the stage where the auditions will take place.
  • The Jury of the Competition has right to decide by the consent of all Jury members on reduction of the contestant program or on interruption of the contestant performance.
  • the Jury members cannot vote for the duos which include their official last two years students. The Jury members should inform the Organizing Committee before the Competition about the participation of such duos in writing.
  • The results will be announced immediately after each round.
  • The decisions of the Jury are final and cannot be contested.


Awards to be announced.

Financial conditions

  • The transportation, accommodation and alimentation expenses for the participants, their assistants and accompanying persons are covered by the contestants themselves or the represented organization.
  • There is also possibility for not Moscow residents to get the accommodation in guest-rooms. The number of places is limited. It’s necessary to inform competition secretary much in advance in case participant requires the place in guest-rooms. 
  • Issuing invitations and visa support are provided by the Organizing Committee.
  • Once received the official notifications from the Organizing Committee the participants from abroad should contact the nearest Russian Embassy or Consulate to submit the visa processing. All visa expenses are paid by the contestants accordingly to the Russian Consulates requirements.

 Special terms

  • The participants of the Competition do not receive any fee for their performance at the Competition or for the distribution of the recordings and broadcasts of these performances.
  • The Moscow Conservatory has the exclusive rights on the audio and video records and broadcasts of the Competition auditions and the final concert of the laureates.
  • The Laureates of the Competition have to perform free of charge at the final concert of the Competition. Failure to do so will lead to forfeiture of the Prize.
  • The participants of the Competition will be provided with practice rooms in the Moscow Conservatory in conformity with established order.
  • The Organizing Committee of the Competition will support the participants in searching for the scores of the compositions included in the Competition program.
  • The submission of the application to the Competition means an unconditional consent to all the terms and conditions mentioned above.
  • In case of any arguments concerning the interpretation of the present terms and regulations, the priority to be given the Russian version.

Contact information

The Organizing Committee of the II International Voice and Piano Duos Competition «Pianovoce»

Office for Festivals, Competitions and Special Events,
Administration for Special Creative Programs,
Moscow State Conservatory P.Tchaikovsky
125009, Russia, Moscow, 13/6, Bolshaya Nikitskaya str.
Phone: +74956277274
E-mail: artmosconsv@gmail.com