“New Music—the Fifty Shades of the Avant-garde”

19 октября 2018 г. - 20 октября 2018 г. | Conferences

The Contemporary Music Center and the Contemporary Music Division of Tchaikovsky Moscow State Conservatory will organize an international scholarly conference New Music—the Fifty Nuances of the Avant-garde dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the New Music Studio ensemble. The conference will be held at Tchaikovsky Moscow State Conservatory.

The Organizing Committee will include the following staff of Tchaikovsky Moscow State Conservatory:

  • Prof. Alexander Sokolov, D.A.: Rector, Chairman of the Music Theory Division;
  • Prof. Konstantin Zenkin, D.A.: Deputy Rector for Scholarly Matters, Foreign Music History Division;
  • Prof. Vladimir Tarnopolsky: Artistic Director of the New Music Studio ensemble, Chairman of the Contemporary Music Division;
  • Prof. Marianna Vysotskaya, D.A.: the Contemporary Music Division;
  • Assc. Prof. Evgenia Izotova, Ph.D.: the Contemporary Music Division;
  • Ms. Vera Serebryakova: Head of the Contemporary Music Center;
  • Mr. Sergey Chirkov: Assistant of the Artistic Director of the New Music Studio ensemble.

Presentations on the following topics are welcomed:

  • avant-garde music at the beginning of the 20th century in Russia and abroad;
  • avant-garde music after the war;
  • music of the 21st century;
  • expanded instrumental techniques;
  • new technologies in contemporary music;
  • new music in today’s society;
  • new trends in musicology.

Intended duration of the presentations:

  • 30 minutes at the plenary session;
  • 15 minutes at affiliated sessions;
  • 10 minutes for discussions.

The languages of the conference will be both Russian and English.
Participation in the conference is free, no registration fee is charged.
No travel or accommodation expenses will be covered.
Personal invitations may be forwarded upon request.

A room may be booked in the Moscow Conservatory’s guest house. However, it is important to mark this request in the application, as the number of rooms is limited and all respective decisions will be made by the Organizing Committee in the order of precession.

Both the application (upload *.doc) and the thesis must be forwarded before 10 September 2018 at info@ccmm.ru. The thesis must contain:

  • the topic of the presentation;
  • an abstract from 500 to 1000 characters long.

As the time of the conference is limited, the Organizing Committee may reject any application in case it does not meet the list of the topics or duplicates the topic of any other participant.

Upon completion of the conference, presentations recommended by the Organizing Committee will be published. The length of the text must not exceed 40,000 characters; any longer texts will not be accepted. The Organizing Committee reserves the right to edit any materials forwarded for publication. Texts of the presentations must be forwarded before 15 November 2018 at info@ccmm.ru.