International School

1 августа 2019 г. - 21 августа 2019 г. | Events



Yearly dates:

Winter School: 25 January — 7 February
Length of the Program (optional)

  • One week: 25–31 January (the ending time is 1 February at 12 PM).
  • One week: 1–7 February (the ending time is 8 February at 12 PM).
  • Two weeks: 25 January — 7 February (the ending time is 8 February at 12 PM).

Summer School: 1 August — 21 August
Length of the Program (optional)

  • One week: 1–7 August (the ending time is 8 August at 12 PM).
  • One week: 8–14 August (the ending time is 15 August at 12 PM).
  • One week: 15–21 August (the ending time is 22 August at 12 PM).
  • Two weeks: 1–14 August (the ending time is 15 August at 12 PM).
  • Two weeks: 8–21 August (the ending time is 22 August at 12 PM).
  • Three weeks: 1–21 August (the ending time is 22 August at 12 PM).

About the International School
The International School of Tchaikovsky Moscow State Conservatory offers an intensive program of individual lessons, lectures, master classes and performances in the following majors:

individual lessons group lessons
  • solo performance, including piano, organ
  • and all orchestral instruments
  • solo singing
  • composition
  • accompaniment
  • choral and symphony conducting
  • the art of accompaniment
  • music history & theory
  • Russian language
  • other courses
  • choral performance
  • chamber music performance
  • folklore ensemble
  • music history & theory
  • methods of teaching musical courses
  • Russian language
  • other courses

Participants of the International School enjoy an opportunity to recite at its final concerts on 6 February or 20 August to be held in one of the Moscow Conservatory chamber concert halls.

Over fifty leading teachers of Tchaikovsky Moscow State Conservatory who attained a worldwide renown for their artistic and academic merits have been teaching at its International School.

Upon completion of the International School Program, every participant shall get his/her certificate issued by the Moscow Conservatory.

Accommodation and Meals

During the course of the Winter International School program, the Moscow Conservatory’s dormitory will not be available for its participants; however, they may have two meals per day (lunch and dinner) in the Conservatory’s dining-room.

Cultural Program
The International School is held in the Moscow Conservatory’s historical buildings in the very heart of Moscow, one of the largest cities worldwide. The participants will be offered a sightseeing guided tour over Moscow and vicinities, as well as visits to Tchaikovsky’s, Skryabin’s, Richter’s and other famous Russian musicians’ memorial flats, with an escort interpreter. (Any other additional tours, as well as tickets to Moscow theaters and concert halls, may be organized at extra charge.)

One standard seven-day course includes:


  • visa support;
  • individual transfer from/to any Moscow airports;
  • three individual lessons with a conservatory teacher (fifty minutes each);
  • an accompanist during the lessons;
  • an interpreter during the lessons;
  • services of the conservatory library;
  • everyday access to rehearsal rooms of the conservatory to let every participant be prepared for his/her individual lessons;
  • access to any concerts of the conservatory that are held in its concert halls;
  • access to master classes held at the conservatory;
  • two meals per day in the conservatory’s dining-room (lunch and dinner);
  • a sightseeing program.

Attention! The set of services included into one standard seven-day course is flexible and may be varied in any combinations, depending on each participant’s marks in his/her electronic application (see the link below).

The Cost of a Standard Course of Individual Lessons (in Russian rubles):

length of
the course


lessons with an
associate professor

lessons with
a professor


without an accompanist



with an accompanist




without an accompanist



with an accompanist



1. Attention! The cost of the lessons in US dollars and euros will be calculated according to an exchange rate of the Central Bank of Russia officially established on the day of the payment. No bank charges will be counted as part of the amount to be paid for the program!

2. Any of the amounts listed in the above table has to be paid in two steps.

  • The first step is the payment of a registration fee of 4500 rubles (or its equivalent in US dollars or euros). Bank account information for transferring the registration fee will be forwarded to each participant’s e-mail.
  • The second step is the signing of an individual contract and the payment of the rest of the amount minus the registration fee to have been paid before that.

Attention! In the event an applicant refuses to participate in the International School program, the amount of the registration fee he/she has paid will not be returned.

3. An amount of payment for any group lessons will be calculated separately in accordance with the application to be submitted. Any additional services — such as organization of any internal competitions, concerts for certain groups, lectures and open lessons on topics selected in advance, as well as any additional lessons, together with any additional services of an accompanist and/or an interpreter — will be calculated and agreed in each personal contract.

1. A separate individual contract will be signed with each participant of the International School, in which only the services actually ordered by every concrete participant will be considered. Consequently, the contract amount will be calculated in every single case personally.
2. Should any participant of the International School need an interpreter and/or an accompanist during his/her individual lessons, it is strongly recommended that he/she indicate such a request in the application and mark the preferable language of an interpreter (click on the link below). In case the International School Administration finds this request impossible to satisfy, it shall reserve the right to provide the participant with an English interpreter.

Click here to fill out an electronic application
Download, sign and forward Consent for the processing of your personal data
Deadlines for submitting the applications:

  • for Winter School — 15 December;
  • for Summer School — 15 July.

Please don’t hesitate to forward any additional questions at
Phone number: +7 (495) 629 2191

Department for International Affairs
13/6 Bolshaya Nikitskaya Street, Building 1, Moscow, 125009
Tchaikovsky Moscow State Conservatory,
foyer on the 3rd floor of Academic Building 1 (under the Small Hall)