The 5th International Composers’ Competition for the 5th International Wind/Percussion Competition

1 ноября 2013 г. - 8 ноября 2013 г. | Сompetitions

The International Composition Competition within the Frameworks of the Fifth International Competition for Performers on Wind and Percussion Instruments:

A mandatory piece for the Second Round is to be composed.

The competition is founded by Tchaikovsky Moscow State Conservatory.

Congratulations to the winners of the competition!

Nomination "Best piece for the wing quintett"
Vladimir Obukhov: "Pulse Triggering"

Nomination "Best piece for marimba solo"
Francisco del Pino: " solo estar"

The order of submitting the application and holding the competition

  1. The competition shall be held in two nominations:
    – A piece for wind quintet with French horn
    – A piece for solo marimba
  2. Any composers may participate in the competition, regardless of their age or citizenship.
  3. Each participant may submit a maximum of one piece in every nomination announced.
  4. Only those pieces that have not been either performed in public or published by any printing houses or awarded at any other competitions may be allowed to participate.
  5. The length of the competition piece may be a minimum of five minutes and a maximum of eight minutes.
  6. Two copies of the score of the competition piece must be submitted anonymously. The title page of both copies must state a code word and must not state the composer’s name.
  7. The score of the competition piece must be either made in clearly legible handwriting or typed on a computer and printed out. It is a mandatory condition that a CD with an electronic (scanned) version of the score be attached to the application as a PDF file.
  8. The following items must be attached to the competition score:
    а) the application form filled out by the participant;
    b) a brief résumé of the participant;
    c) two photos of the participant.
  9. All these items must be sealed in an envelope that must bear the same code word as is on the score of the competition piece.
  10. The competition score, the CD, and the envelope containing the filled-out application form and the above-listed documents must be forwarded before 25 May 2013 to the following mailing address: 13/6 Bolshaya Nikitskaya Street, Building 1, Moscow, 125009, Russia; Attention of the Composition Department Dean’s Office, Tchaikovsky Moscow State Conservatory. The envelope must be marked as follows:
    “To the Organizing Committee of the International Composition Competition for composing a mandatory piece for the Second Round of the Moscow Conservatory’s Fifth Competition for Performers on Wind and Percussion Instruments.”
  11. 11. In the event a candidate refuses to participate in the competition, neither his/her documents nor the scores he/she has sent will be returned.

The competition results shall be announced not later than 1 September 2013.


  1. The Organizing Committee of the Competition announces the following awards:
    – 10,000 rubles for the best piece composed for wind quintet with French horn;
    – 10,000 rubles for the best piece composed for solo marimba.
  2. The awards shall be paid out in rubles, with the deduction of all taxes to be collected in the territory of the Russian Federation.
  3. The pieces composed by the competition winners will be published by the Moscow Conservatory and shall be mandatory for performance during the Second Round of its Fifth International Competition of Performers on Wind and Percussion Instruments to be held on 1–8 November 2013.
  4. The competition jury shall have the right to recommend that any pieces submitted for the competition, whose authors were not awarded, be published by the Moscow Conservatory.
  5. In order to receive his/her award, the following documents must be submitted by the competition winner to the Organizing Committee:
    – for citizens of Russia — the passport, the number of pension insurance certificate, and the taxpayer’s ID number;
    – for citizens of other countries (including the CIS) — the passport only.

The Competition Jury

  1. Prof. Valery Popov — Chairman of the Jury, Chairman of the Woodwind and Percussion Instruments Division
  2. Mr. Vladimir Gorlinsky, teacher
  3. Prof. Viktor Grishin
  4. Asst. Prof. Yury Kasparov
  5. Prof. Yury Vorontsov

Contact Information

Phone: +7 (495) 627 7274


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