Alexandra<br /> Koreneva


  • Associate Professor

(Harpsichord, piano, historical keyboard instruments)

“The harpsichord player Alexandra Koreneva was just brilliant and her trio with the flutist Oleg Khoudyakov and the violinist Sergey Lomovsky in the second movement was perhaps the climax of the evening” (Ilya Ovtchinnikov about Bach’s Brandenburg Concertos at the Grand Philharmonic Hall, “Gazeta” 12.10.2006)

Was born in Moscow. Graduated from the Moscow State P.I.Tchaikovsky Conservatory and made there her post-graduate degree for “harpsichord, piano and historical keyboard instruments” with Prof. Yury Martynov. Also studied with A.Lubimov, O.Philippova, O.Martynova, S.Glavatskikh.

Alexandra is the 1st Prize-winner at the «Austria Barock Akademie» (Gmunden, 2004), where she also got the audience prize. In 2007 she received the 3rd Prize at the «Musica Antiqua» (Brugge, Belgium, 2007).

In 2007 she was awarded a special Prize “Young talents of Russia” of the Russian Ministry of Culture.

Alexandra performs in Russia and abroad: in Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Oman, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, Croatia, England, France, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Finland, Estonia, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Monaco etc.
She has taken part in a number of international music festivals: "December night of S.Richter" (Russia), "Gergiev-fest" (Finland), "Mustonen-fest" (Estonia), «Oudemuziek festival» (Netherlands), "Antiquarium" (Russia), «Ars Longa» (Russia), "Travelers in Baroque" (Netherlands), "Varazdin baroque evenings" (Croatia), "Bach festival in Moscow House of Music" (Russia), "Yury Bashmet festival" (Russia),  “Turku music fest” (Finland),  “Early Music days in Fertod” (Hungary), “Hong Kong Arts festival” and many others.

Among her partners there are such musicians as: Grammy-winner-2012 Joyce DiDonato (USA), sir Games Galway (England), Yury Bashmet (Russia), Alexey Lubimov (Russia), Yulia Lezhneva (Russia), Vivica Genaux (USA), Inga Kalna (Latvia), Anna Bonitatibus (Italy), Erik Bosgraaf (Netherlands), Tatiana Grindenko (Russia), Arkady Shilkloper (Russia), Luca Pianka (Italy), Dmitry Sinkovsky (Russia), Kees Wieringa (Netherlands), Yury Martynov (Russia), Zvi Meniker (Germany), Carsten Eckert (Austria) and many others. She has played with such orchestras and ensembles as: "The soloists of Moscow", “The National Philharmonic of Russia”, State Academic Chamber Orchestra of Russia, “Il Pomo d’Oro” (Italy), «Il Complesso Barocco» (Italy), “Musica Aeterna” (Russia), «Pratum Integrum» (Russia), "The academy of ancient music" (Russia), «Basiliensis» (Austria) etc.

Since 2008 she teaches harpsichord, pianoforte, chamber music and basso continuo at the Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory.

She is a member of “La Voce Strumentale“, founded in Moscow in 2011.

In 2015 two recordings with Alexandra will be released: A.Vivaldi “Four seasons” with Dmitry Sinkovsky and “La Voce Strumentale” (label “Naïve”) and G.F.Telemann violin sonatas with Boris Begelman and Ludovico Minasi (label “Sony/DHM”).