The Second International Andrey Volkonsky Harpsichord Competition Moscow

27 January 2013 - 04 February 2013 |

January 27 – February 4, 2013.  Deadline for applications – October 15, 2012

Moscow State Conservatory P. I. Tchaikovsky announces the Second International Andrey Volkonsky Harpsichord Competition that will be held on 27th January — 4th February 2013

Winners of the Competition:

  • I Prize - Ksenia Semenova (Russia)
  • II Prize - Julia Ageyeva-Hess (Estonia)
  • III Prize - Maria Lesovichenko (Russia) and Anastasia Antonova (Russia)
  • Diploma - Marie van Rhijn (France)
  • Prize for the best performance of obligatory piece - Maria Lesovichenko (Russia)

Order of performances at the Second round (Veiw DOC)

First Round Shedule (Veiw DOC)

Participants allowed to the Competition on the base of Preliminary selection

Schedule of Competition (Veiw PDF)




Alekseeva Anastasia



Antonova Anastasia



Borkovskaya Daria



Vash Yulia



Dovgal Tatiana



Zheltikova Olga



Zemele Daria



Kiskachi Anna



Kowalik Katarina



Koreneva Aleksandra



Kuznetsova Yulia



Lesovichenko Maria



Likhina Ekaterina



Mateus Jacinto



Ramirez-Lopez Leydi Katheryne



Rhijn Marie van



Semenova Ksenia



Smaglyuk Emilia



Tagarelli Roberta



Turner Charlotte

United Kingdom


Titarenko Lyubov



Heibl Anna



Hess Yulia (Ageeva)


Deadline of applying to the competition is prolonged up to 1st November 2012.

The obligatory piece was completed with a commentary. Download please the new version below.

Aims of the Competition

1.    To raise prestige of the harpsichord; to make playing harpsichord more attractive to the wide audience
2.    To encourage young people to play harpsichord
3.    To pay more attention to professional training of musicians who perform on harpsichord
4.    To search for the most talented young musicians, to support and stimulate their professional skill
5.    To provide the conditions for artistic cultural exchange, to enhance the artistic development and to improve the professional skills of the participants of the Competition
Andrei Mikhailovich Volkonsky (1933–2008) was an outstanding composer, harpsichordist, researcher and musical activist. In his memory and as a token of respect and heartfelt gratitude to this remarkable musician Moscow Conservatory is organizing the Second International Competition for Harpsichordists.


ChairmanAlexei Lubimov (Russia, Moscow), Professor of the Department for Historical and Contemporary Performing Arts at Moscow Conservatory

Members of Jury:
Patrick Ayrton (Great Britain – France - The Netherlands)
Olga Filippova (Russia)
Wolfgang Glüxam (Austria)
Ketil Haugsand (Norway - Germany)
Elisabeth Joyé (France)
Maria Uspenskaya (Russia)

Members of Jury for the Preliminary Selection:
Alexei Lubimov
Maria Uspenskaya

Regulations for the competition

The competition invites for participation musicians whose age at the moment of submission (before 15 October 2012) is no less than 18 and no more than 35 years old.

The prize winners of the First International Andrey Volkonsky Harpsichord Competition are not allowed to participate.

The competition shall be carried out in four stages:
•    Preliminary Selection (according to music recordings sent by applicants)
•    First Round (28-29 January 2013, Conference Hall of Moscow Conservatory)
•    Second Round (31 January – 1 February, 2013, Rachmaninov Hall of Moscow Conservatory)
•    Third Round (3 February 2013, Rachmaninov Hall of Moscow Conservatory)

For the Preliminary Audition it is necessary to submit before 15 October 2012, along with the completed application and documentation for participation, a video recording in the medium of DVD or a web link, corresponding of the following conditions:
•    the video recording shall present a performance of a programme for the choice of the applicant of 15–20 minutes of duration, compiled of compositions of various styles and epochs
•    the video recording shall be of excellent quality in the format of PAL/SECAM or NTSC
•    the repertoire presented on the video recordings must not be included in the programme of the competition auditions
•    the DVD must be inscribed — the applicant`s name and surname and the names of the compositions must be clearly indicated
•    the web link should lead to one single downloadable file in professional DVD-format (high resolution or HD); the content of the link must not be public (no YouTube or the same services)
•    the question of upload space is for the applicant choice; the link must not be p2p link or be secured with passwords or captcha; we can recommend back-up software such as SugarSync or Dropbox, you can also use personal web servers

No more than 25 performers shall be accepted to the first round.

The programme of performance on the First Round must include:

•    J. J. Froberger: One toccata (at the candidate’s choice)
•    J.S. Bach: French Suite BWV 812 - 817 (at the candidate’s choice)
•    J.-Ph. Rameau: «La Dauphine»

The overall duration of the programme must not exceed 25 minutes.
No more than 12 performances shall be admitted to the Second Round following the conclusions of the auditions of the First Round.

The programme of performance on the Second Round must include:

•    Gottlieb Muffat: «Сomponimenti Musicali per il Cembalo», 1739; one of the following suites: № 2 in g minor, № 3 in D major, № 5 in d minor. The first movement is obligatory. Other movements at the choice of the candidate. Total time of the suite should be no more than 20 minutes
•    One of the following variations – W. Byrd: John come kiss me now, The Woods So Wild, O Mistress Mine, Sellinger`s Round; G. Farnaby: Daphne; T. Morley; Goe from my Window
•    J.S. Bach: Fantasia in с minor BWV 906
•    The obligatory composition written by the modern Russian composer specially for the competition.  Attention! By the decision of Selection Jury none of the works presented on the composition contest accords the requests of the competition, so the following obligatory piece is chosen:
E. Denissow, Feuilles mortes (1980) for harpsichord (download PDF)

The overall duration of the programme must not exceed 40 minutes.
No more than 6 performers shall be admitted to the Third Round following the results of the audition of the Second Round.

The programme of performance on the Third Round must include the following compositions:

•    J.S. Bach: One toccata from the following: in f-sharp minor BWV 910, in с minor BWV 911, in D major BWV 912, in g minor BWV 915
•    C.P.E. Bach: Concerto for clavier and strings in D minor Wq 23/H 427 (recommended edition – Breitkopf & Härtel No. 3771)

The overall duration of the programme must not exceed 40 minutes.
The order of the compositions performed in each round shall be determined by the participants.

The ensemble partners for the performance of C.P.E. Bach Concerto will be the members of Moscow “Pratum Integrum” Orchestra. Rehearsals will take place on 2 February 2013.
The Conclusive Concert and the Ceremony for Presentation of Awards will take place on 4 February 2013, 19:00, at the Rachmaninov Hall of the Conservatory.

Financial regulations of participation in the competition

The entrance fee is EUR 50 or USD 70 for the participants from abroad and should be paid to the bank account of Moscow Conservatory:

Correspondent bank of Sber bank of SWIFT:

The Bank of New York USA IRVT US 3N 890-0057-610
SWIFT: Sber Bank of the Russian Federation. Donskoe branch 7813 Moscow Russia SABR RU MM
Branch address — ul Bolshaya Yakimanka 18
Beneficiary Customer: Moscow State P.I. Tchaikovsky Conservatory 125009 Moscow Bolshaya Nikitskaya 13 Russia
INN 7703107663

(Purpose of the payment: Second International Volkonsky Harpsichord  Competition)

In USD: ACCOUNT 40503840438110200266 (transit)

In EUR: ACCOUNT 40503978538111000266 (transit)

The transportation fare to Moscow and back and other expenses connected with the sojourn in Moscow during the time of the Competition shall be covered by the participants’ personal means or the means of the organization directing them.

Visa support and the official registration of invitations for participants from abroad are provided for by the Competition Team.

The Competition Team will provide possible support for finding and booking cheap hotels for participants.

Upon receipt of the official notification and invitation from the Competition Team, the participants from abroad, who will have passed onto the First Round of the Competition, must go to the nearest Russian Consulate for application for their visas. All the expenses for processing the visas, in accordance with the requirements of the Russian Consulates, shall be met by the participants themselves or the organizations directing them.


•    First Prize 160.000 (one hundred and sixty thousand) rubles
•    Second Prize 120.000 (one hundred and twenty thousand) rubles
•    Third Prize 80.000 (eighty thousand) rubles
•    Three diplomas for the winners of the Competitions of 20.000 (twenty thousand) rubles each

The Grand Prix (for the winner of the First Prize) – a solo recital at the Rachmaninov Hall of Moscow Conservatory during the 2013–2014 season.

The monetary prizes for the winners of the Competition shall be paid in rubles with the deduction of taxes established by the laws of Russia.

In order to obtain the prizes the participants must submit the following documents:
•    For citizens of the Russian Federation – passport, Pension Insurance Certificate and Taxpayer’s Identification Number
•    For citizens from other countries (including countries of the CIS) – passport

The Jury of the Competition holds the right within the limits of the announced prizes not to award any of them or to divide the prizes between the performers.

Additional prizes, awards and gifts may be established for the participants of the Second and Third Round by social organizations, foundations and mass media in accordance with the Competition Team.

Indispensable documents and the order of submitting the application

All the documents will be admitted in electronic format only. The e-mail address of the competition is:

For submission of the documents for participation in the Competition it is indispensable to fill out the enclosed application form. The application form must be filled out in legible handwriting or typed on a computer and signed.

The application form must be accompanied with the following items:
•    One photo of the participant (resolution 300 dpi, no less than 2 MB)
•    A copy of the passport of the participant
•    A copy of the receipt of the payment
•    Signed consent to the processing of personal data
•    Web link to the video recording (in e-mail body)
•    Complete list of the pieces recorded in the video (in e-mail body)
•    If you choose a DVD medium to provide your recording, please send it as registered letter or by express mail service to the following address:
Russia, 125009, Moscow, ul. Bolshaya Nikitskaya, d. 13/ Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory, Direction for Special Creative Programs, the Second International Volkonsky Harpsichord Competition/

The decision of accepting the performers to participate in the First Round will be made by a special committee headed by the chairman of the Jury. No later than on 15 November 2012 all participants accepted to the First Round of the Competition will receive official notifications by e-mail.

In the case that the candidates are not admitted to the Competition, and also in the case they are denied participation in the First Round of the Competition, DVDs are not returned.

The order of participation of the participants of the Competition will be determined by casting lots and is maintained until the end of the Competition. The participants of the First Round sould arrive in Moscow in accordance with the dates of their performances.

Any changes in the programme after the date of acceptance of the application are permitted only in exceptional cases in accordance with the Competition Team and the Jury of the Competition.

The decisions made by the Jury are final and are not subject to reconsideration.

Special conditions

The participants of the Competition are presented with adequate conditions for practicing in the classrooms (no less than an hour a day before the First Round; no less than two hours a day before the Second and Third Rounds), and one rehearsal on the stage before each round.

The Competition Team will provide the harpsichords for participants’ performances and rehearsals from the following list:

•    Fremish double-manual by Titus Crijnen
•    Flemish double-manual by Marc Ducornet
•    Flemish double-manual by Neupert
•    Flemish single-manual by Sefl-Becicka-Huttl
•    French double-manual by Reinhardt von Nagel
•    German double-manual by Jurgen Ammer
•    Italian single-manual by Onno Peper

The application form signed by the participants of the Competition presents itself as a testimony of acceptance of all the aforementioned conditions.

The participants of the Competition do not receive any honorarium either for participating in the Competition or for any subsequent usage of the recordings and broadcasts of these performances.

The Winners of the Competition are required to give a gratuitous performance at the Conclusive Concert of the Competition.

The Competition Team holds the exclusive rights for the realization of the audio and video recordings and the broadcasting of the Competition’s auditions and the Conclusive Concert of the Winners of the Competition.

In case of arising of arguments in the interpretation of the present stipulations of the Competition, the Russian version of the text shall be counted as the sole correct version.
Address of the Competition Team:
Russia, 125009, Moscow, ul. Bolshaya Nikitskaya, d. 13
Moscow State P. I. Tchaikovsky Conservatory, Direction for Special Creative Programs, the Second International Volkonsky Harpsichord Competition
All questions please send directly by e-mail:

Links to the required forms:

Application form
Consent to the processing of personal data


Alexander Sokolov

Honored Art Worker of Russia

Alexey Lyubimov

People’s Artist of Russia