Anastasia<br /> Novoselova


  • Ph.D. in Art Studies
  • musician, musicologist, teacher
  • performer on Chinese zither guqin and bamboo flutes xiao & dizi
  • teacher of the Chinese music class at the Scholarly and Art Center World Music Cultures
  • founder and head of the Ba Yin ensemble
  • expert on relations with the countries of Far East and Southeast Asia

Born in Chelyabinsk, Southern Urals (1985). Graduated from Tchaikovsky Moscow State Conservatory: master’s degree (2010) and postgraduate studies (2013) in musicology. Ph.D. thesis Silk and Bamboo in the Music Culture of Traditional China (2015, supervised by Assc. Prof. Margarita Karatygina). Engaged in scholarly and practical studies of traditional music culture of China at the Scholarly and Art Center World Music Cultures (since 2006).

Trained at the Tianjin Conservatory under the supervision of Mr. Wang Jianxin and Mrs. Li Fengyun (2008–2009). Teaches guzin, xiao, dizi and xun performance (since 2009). Worked in Colombia (2015–2016), then in China (Beijing, 2017–2018). Resides and works in Moscow since 2019. Performs and organizes concerts and lectures in Russia, Belarus, China, Colombia, Indonesia, Iran, Japan and Lithuania on a regular basis.