1st Round Participants: 2nd Myaskovsky Competition

10 апреля 2011 г. | Events

The competition organizing committee received 28 applications. As inconsistent with the conditions of competition have been rejected three applications.

To participate in the first round of the approved works, with the following passwords, IDs:

  1. Dental Mental
  2. AGSch
  3. Nanotech
  4. Вестник
  5. Людвиг
  6. KEY22
  7. 3732599
  8. Ветер ("Осенний квартет")
  9. twenty2
  10. Vincent in G
  11. 1127
  12. OVID
  13. Stalker
  14. ERDE
  15. Mardukrish
  16. Акколада
  17. Nuance
  18. ENIGMA
  19. Viaverum
  20. Phoenix.
  21. Ветер (квартет без названия)
  22. 379
  23. silence
  24. Элемия
  25. Я

In addition the competition organizing committee received applications from the date of the postmark, and documents that meet the requirements of the competition. In connection with this list of products eligible for participation in the first round, complemented by works by having the following passwords, IDs:

26. Артемида
27. IdeeFix
28. Английский проспект

The Second Nikolai Myaskovsky Competition for Young Composers

Only professional composers, who are not elder than 35 years old, can take part at the Competition.