Dmitry<br /> Gorbatov


    Born in Kharkov on 29 December 1967.

    Graduated with honors from:

    • Tchaikovsky Moscow State Conservatory’s Academic Music College (Choral Conducting, 1986);
    • New England Conservatory of Music, Boston, USA (Master’s Degree in Composition, 1993).

    Completed the following additional training programs:

    • Teaching Russian as a Foreign Language (Russia’s University of Peoples’ Friendship, 1999);
    • English-Russian Interpreting in the Area of Humanities (Russia’s University of Peoples’ Friendship, 2000);
    • Editing Texts in Russian (the Moscow State University of Printing, 2002).

    Member of the Union Composers of Russia (2022).

    Job duties:

    • translation of scholarly and other special texts and materials, correspondence with foreign organizations and websites, as well as other texts related to the activities of the Department;
    • performance of individual oral and written translations on behalf of the persons under the Departmental subordination;
    • preliminary editing of texts in Russian related to the activities of the Department;
    • participation in the description and systematization of documents and scholarly funds of the Department;
    • work on the unification of terms, improvement of concepts and definitions related with the Departmental activities;
    • keeping records and the systematization of the tasks performed.

    Working schedule:

    • interpreting - when summoned by administrating staff;
    • translation - remotely.


    • English (fluent)
    • Spanish (with dictionary)

    Scholarly articles published:

    1. Gorbatov Dmitry B. (2020) “Music as a Subject of Semiotics: upon the Reading of Alexei Losev.” In: Muzyka — Filosofiya — Kul'tura / “Music — Philosophy — Culture”: a collection of articles of the participants of the cycle of conferences (2013–2017). The Moscow Conservatory Publishing Center: 41–67 (In Russian). ISBN: 978-5-89598-399-7
    2. Gorbatov, Dmitry B. (2022) “The Phenomena of Music and Language: Aspects of Systematic Typological Comparison (Preliminary Theses).” In: Nauchnyy vestnik Moskovskoy konservatorii / Journal of Moscow Conservatory 13, no. 3 (September): 602–31. (In Russian).